150 Gourmet Savoury Pancakes for Hungry Young Adults


The winter cold is pancake weather. The traditional sugar and cinnamon filling is always delicious, but you can also do so much more with a pancake and I recently tested its gourmet possibilities.

At a get-together for young adults at Vredelust Church, which warded off the cold with pancakes and friendship, I created two savoury fillings that delighted the senses.

The first filling was spiced lamb mince, topped with a purée made from red and yellow peppers, topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. The second was grilled chicken strips, covered in basil pesto, topped with cherry tomatoes, avo and feta. I made 75 pancakes of each of the fillings – 150 in total.

To start with, the chicken strips are cut:

Sjef Hansen cutting chicken strips

The strips are grilled and then covered with basil pesto:

Grilled chicken strips and pesto

The chicken is placed on a pancake and topped with avo, cherry tomatoes and feta and then rolled up:

Chicken savoury pancake

For the other pancake, lamb mince is grilled and spiced:

Spiced lamb mince

A mushroom sauce is made from portobello mushrooms, cream, and seasoning:

Mushroom sauce

A handful of cheddar cheese is added to thicken the sauce:

Cheese added to mushroom sauce

To make the pepper purée, red and yellow peppers and onions are cut up:

Peppers are cut up

The peppers and onions are seasoned and grilled:

Peppers and onions are grilled

It is then blended into a purée:


The mince is placed onto a pancake. It is topped with the purée made from peppers. The mushroom sauce is placed on top of that and lastly dhania herbs are added, before the pancake is rolled up:

Mince pancake

The pancakes were dished up and enjoyed by all the guests:

Guests eating


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